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Save Leverstock

The proposed Hemel Garden Communities and St Albans development's are putting our cherished Green Belt, local biodiversity, and community resources at risk! 🏡🌿🐦

Don't let this happen without a fight. 🚨 Click the "Object Here" button below to make your voice heard through our easy one-click objection system. 🖱️👇

Have Your Voice Heard

Click the link below to Object to the Hemel Garden Communities and St Albans Regulation 18 Plans

Welcome to Save Leverstock Green!

We are a community-driven initiative committed to preserving the unique character, natural beauty, and historical significance of Leverstock Green. Our village is currently under threat from a series of proposed developments that could forever alter the landscape and quality of life we hold what is happening and why should you be concerned?

Proposed Developments

St Albans District Council (SADC) has drafted a local plan for 2041, known as Regulation 18, which outlines significant development projects in and around Leverstock Green. These projects include:

  • Large-scale housing developments

  • Huge Infrastructure changes

  • Unclear Support for Dacorum amenities 

  • Unrestricted development across the Green Belt

  • Lack of due consideration to the status of Leverstock Green

How Will This Affect Leverstock Green?

  • Infringement on Green Belt: The proposed plans risk violating established Green Belt principles, threatening the natural and historical significance of Leverstock Green.

  • Environmental Impact: The scale of the proposed development could lead to a decline in biodiversity, increased stress levels among residents, and adverse effects on local wildlife.

  • Traffic and Accessibility: The strategic location of Leverstock Green between Hemel Hempstead and St. Albans makes it susceptible to increased traffic congestion and reduced accessibility.

  • Resource Strain: A significant portion of the proposed development falls under the Dacorum council, which could strain resources and facilities in the wider Dacorum area.

  • Overdevelopment: The Hemel Garden Communities (HGC) initiative also proposes extensive housing in the area, threatening overdevelopment and encirclement of Leverstock Green.

  • Precedent of Rejection: Previous plans have been rejected on legal and environmental grounds, additionally previous plans for housing between Hatfield and St Albans were rejected due to harm to the Green Belt, setting a precedent against the proposed development.

  • Water Stress: The acute water stress faced by St Albans, which is closely linked to Leverstock Green, makes water conservation a critical concern for the area. Any new development could exacerbate existing water scarcity, leading to higher water costs for residents, potential water use restrictions, and environmental degradation that could affect local ecosystems and quality of life.

  • Lack of Public Engagement: Despite exhibitions by SADC, there has been a lack of direct engagement with the Leverstock Green community, raising concerns about transparency.

Why Should You Care?

Leverstock Green is not just a location; it's our home. It's where we've built memories, where our children play, and where we find peace in natural beauty. The proposed developments threaten to disrupt this harmony and transform our village into just another urban sprawl.

Our Mission

We aim to ensure that any development in Leverstock Green is sustainable, environmentally responsible, and in line with the community's needs and wishes. We believe in the power of collective action to preserve the heart and soul of our village.

Join us in our mission to Save Leverstock Green by hitting the object now button below and using our easy one-click objection system. 🖱️👇


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